Blog 5 - Three reasons why video analysis makes football more fun!

That video analysis makes football better has already been amply proven and can be read in our previous blogs. But that video analysis makes football more fun is just as important. Here are the three most important reasons why video analysis helps to make football more fun:

  1. Seeing is developing

By seeing yourself play, you learn! Is my position right, are my choices in the match not too obvious and how do I look? By seeing this, a football player learns and enters the next match with more confidence (and therefore pleasure).

By filming a match, you motivate! A player will show more awareness in a match if he or she knows that they are being filmed. They will learn from it and have the opportunity to see that wonderful move again.

By discussing, you enthuse! During the post-match discussion, you can be very specific about the moments of the match. The emotional part of the match is behind you and you and your team are already looking forwards towards the next match that you will win or win again!

  1. Objectifying actions.

Every person has a different view on the world. This is no different in a match. A match is experienced differently from the coach's point of view and the right-winger’s point of view on the other side of the pitch. Details often determine the outcome of a match, and by making these transparent, you take away a lot of the discussion and negativity. It gives you the chance to discuss moments objectively with your player or coach. This can only benefit the atmosphere.

  1. Sharing beautiful moments

The most obvious reason is to share the beautiful moments you experience during the game with others. It is always fun to share your progress and to let others know about it. However, please note that there is always an opponent in the game and therefore, the privacy rules come into play when sharing on public platforms. Professional software (like SPORTSVIEW’s platform) has been developed for this purpose and ensures that privacy is guaranteed.

Voilà! Three reasons why video analysis makes football not only better, but also more fun. If you want to make a demo appointment for SPORTSVIEW, please leave your details at .

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