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These 4th year Fontys SPECO students choose SPORTSVIEW and will work together in a team in the coming months to apply their knowledge in practice.

How to start with video analysis? 4 tips:

The question is: how do you start video analysis as a club? The 4 tipVideo analysis below offers many possibilities and is increasingly accessible. More trainers and coaches use video analysis to enable players to develop as well as possible.

USVV Odysseus'91

Bij deze Utrechtse studentenclub gaat het naast sportplezier, ook om de juiste aandacht en mogelijkheden voor de ontwikkeling van iedere speler. De uitgangspunten Sportsview ondersteunen dit: doeltreffend, betaalbaar en flexibel!

The Dukes start with the video analysis from SPORTSVIEW!

During the recent Bossche Rugby Weekend, SPORTSVIEW was deployed for the first time on the rugby field of The Dukes, a flexible video mast for razor-sharp analysis.

SPORTSVIEW video analysis

The innovative and user-friendly registration of video analyses system SPORTSVIEW makes it possible to register and analyze training sessions, team excersises and matches in an easy and highly effective way. SPORTSVIEW is the affordable video system for video analysis.

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