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Talent development requires focus to the max. And attention to even the smallest detail. Each and every day. SPORTSVIEW now makes it possible to record and analyse trainings, team exercises and matches with the maximum of ease, at an affordable price. It’s attention born out of sheer love for sports.

Max Janssen (23): With a degree in Sports Marketing and an unconditional love for sport, Max is our pillar of strength. When he’s not working, you’re most likely to find him on the football field.

Julien Retmia (25): Sports Marketing graduate and fanatical football trainer for Under-14s at FC Den Bosch and UDI'19. He combines his enormous passion for football with his other passion: marketing. Talent development is his prime driver.

Helwin Teunissen (48): A marathon runner with a sports background playing, top-league hockey. He’s also closely involved with football: his son is in the Under-13s at FC Den Bosch. Founder of SPORTSVIEW: an idea that originated from pure sporting passion.

Daniella Vrijhof (46): Quintessential marketer, with over 12 years’ experience as entrepreneur. Knows what it takes to build solid brands and companies. Long-distance runner who loves going that extra mile.



The SPORTSVIEW Spectator was developed in collaboration FC Den Bosch Under-18s talent development programme. The professional training know-how of this First Division club is the basis of SPORTSVIEW’s advanced solutions.

The benefits of the SPORTSVIEW Spectatator go beyong football. It’s also the best way to register hockey and basketball.



The high-resolution images registered by the SPORTSVIEW Spectatator make analysis easy. No stitching nor fisheye camera effects. Footage can be filtered and precise data extracted using available analysis software. SPORTSVIEW registrations are already used in the software of NACSport and many other software apps.

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