Willem II Football Academy: better insight into player behavior with SPORTSVIEW

At the Willem II Football Academy, youth and goalkeeper coach Thijs van Esch is involved in, among other things, video registration and optimizing the use of the various teams. The use of video is gaining importance within the training.


For the Willem II Football Academy, the emphasis is mainly on studying and assessing behavior within playing methods and during game situations. Thijs says about this: “We mainly want to get a picture of the actions of players during matches. What choices do players make in certain situations, what kind of pre-actions do they have and how do they cope with changes. ”

More insight thanks to SPORTSVIEW

To ensure that this vision can be propagated, a search has been made within the Tilburg youth academy for a way to register matches and training sessions as easily and user-friendly as possible.

They found this possibility in the SPORTSVIEW system. Currently, several home games are being filmed, after which images are shared via a private online channel.

Thijs believes that every team is equally important and every player is entitled to the same development opportunities, also in the field of video recording. That is why the SPORTSVIEW video mast is used in turn by different teams.

“Previously there were various registration options, but there was no good system for recording matches and sharing images with players and trainers. Thanks to the SPORTSVIEW system, we can easily evaluate and create awareness among players. By using video, we have the right support to observe behavior and to point players to good and less good developments. In this way we can offer them the opportunity to apply self-reflection, with the aim that they can fully develop themselves, "says van Esch.

Good service and quality product

At Willem II's youth academy, they were mainly looking for a system that brought added value to the education and development of players and trainers. “The goal is to use a video registration system that can be used by everyone. Usability and support from the provider are therefore very important to us, ”says Thijs.

Finally, Van Esch explains: “It is great for us that we get direct support from the SPORTSVIEW team when we run into things. The contact is very pleasant and possible uncertainties are resolved by Helwin Teunissen in an expert manner and within a short time. In addition, SPORTSVIEW is open to suggestions and something is really being done with this in the further development of the system. I am therefore very positive about SPORTSVIEW and I definitely recommend the system and the service! SPORTSVIEW helps the Willem II Football Academy to get more development out of the players. ”


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