Video images central role for FC Twente

Women's football has taken an enormous flight in the Netherlands in recent years. The same goes for the women of FC Twente, five-time national champion, where Rob Kemper and Niels Wigbold work as video analysts.“Video analysis has become an important part of our vision.

The use of video ensures that we can support the players in their personal development. In addition, we can also stimulate the progress of the team as a whole, "says Rob and Niels.“We use video to be able to look back at race situations, per line, and to indicate what went well and where there are areas for improvement.

In addition, images support the conversations we have with the players, so that we can provide a good foundation for decisions. ”

Lack of good resources

“When, together with Niels Wigbold, I started as a video analyst at FC Twente Vrouwen, there was no professional system within the club. That is why we set off with a camera and tripod that were more suitable for home than professional use. A major disadvantage of this approach was that the chance of getting good quality images was low.

It was really a relief, especially if we had to go to amateur fields where there was no space for a tripod or video system. That is why we went looking for a system that is practical, flexible and affordable and that provides high-quality images. After a long search, we came across SPORTSVIEW, which meets all these requirements, "says Rob.

image: Rob Kemper (links) en Niels Wigbold - videoanlisten FC TWENTE Vrouwen


Enthusiastic about SPORTSVIEW

Niels adds: "In order to further professionalize the women's branch of FC Twente, we have opted for the SPORTSVIEW system. This system is currently used in both the women's home and away games, with the flexibility and practicality use on the road is considered to be a big plus. Other systems are impractical to carry with you, these are heavy or too large, while when we use SPORTSVIEW we put everything in one bag that is easy to carry ”.

 In addition, the sharp images generate a great deal of enthusiasm among the video analysts and the players: “The availability of good video material has ensured that the players often approach us impatiently on Sunday evening as to whether the images are already available. Because the recordings are easy to edit in the system, we can already offer them on every line on Monday or Tuesday! "

Part of the team 

The enthusiasm of Rob, Niels and the ladies has ensured that the SPORTSVIEW system has really become part of the team: "The players hardly had to get used to the SPORTSVIEW system," they continue. “We recently got pretty stuffy when the bag with the system was lost.

But what turned out? The ladies had just put this on the bus with the other material, because they really see SPORTSVIEW as part of FC Twente Women ”.

Absolute added value for BVO's

“Due to the affordability of the system, coupled with the high quality and flexibility, SPORTSVIEW is more than interesting for BVOs. Rob initially tried the camera privately at youth competitions where everyone was happy with the razor-sharp images. A big advantage is that the mast can be set up anywhere, within minutes and by everyone. So actually a must for every club! "

Finally, Rob and Niels spontaneously talk about the service they experience from the SPORTSVIEW team: “Since this is a fairly new product, there were and still are questions. But during pleasant contact with SPORTSVIEW, these were answered professionally and quickly, so that we can focus primarily on making top quality images. As far as we are concerned, SPORTSVIEW is an absolute must for all BVOs! ”

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