Every home game of the youth filmed at FC Den Bosch

As a youth trainer and assistant to the Head of Youth Training at FC Den Bosch, Stef Wijlaars is fully involved in the development and improvement of youth players and teams. One of the most important developments in his field is the application of video analysis.


In his view, video analysis is indispensable for every sports club: “I see opportunities for developing talents through video analysis for both vocational training organizations and for recreational sports clubs. At FC Den Bosch we already experience after a few months that images support trainers, coaches and certainly also players. Situations and decisions can be substantiated better and players are given even more concrete tools to develop themselves. ”Article continues below the image.

Image: Stef Wijlaars at work at Youth Training of FC Den Bosch

Development of team and individual
Since this season, Wijlaars has focused on registering all home games of the Bossche youth teams. There are 4 video analysts at work to be able to film all fields simultaneously and throughout the entire Saturday.

Stef clearly lists the five goals that FC Den Bosch has set itself with the use of video analysis:

Development of the team: analyze game situations so that teams will recognize game situations and apply tactical decisions in competitions;

Development of the individual: on the basis of his own fragments, a player is enabled to be self-critical. He gains insight into what his actions are in certain situations and what the consequences are. This gives players (also) control over their own development;

Increasing self-confidence: images can increase a player's self-confidence, for example by showing good decisions and actions before a match.

Supporting decisions: a decision can be made clear to players, supervisors and parents and supported by showing specific situations;

Monitoring the development of players: the continuous analysis and monitoring of youth players helps in their growth process in the longer term. If we use video from the same players year after year, the development can be structurally monitored.

“Video analysis allows us to guide every player optimally. Not only per match, but also per season. Images also help us to maintain the structure in youth education. In the event that a trainer change takes place, for example, a new trainer does not have to start from 0 because video is available. "

"In this way we are not vulnerable to sudden changes and we can ensure first-class training of players and trainers in an organized and flexible manner," says Wijlaars.

Quality is paramount
The plan and end result are therefore clear, but then a system and hardware had to be found that can ensure that the objectives can be achieved. At FC Den Bosch they demand that a video analysis system must meet different requirements:

“The quality of the images must be sharp. Perfect image ensures that we can perform our video analysis well. In addition, a system should not depend on weather conditions, so that we can maintain a perfect view even in the worst conditions. ”

User-friendliness and flexibility are always important starting points. “Certainly if we as FC Den Bosch also want to start filming during away matches, it is important that our video analysis system is easy to transport, set up and dismantle. Everything for development. "

The ideal solution for FC Den Bosch: SPORTSVIEW
To ensure that FC Den Bosch's youth academy is and remains equipped with razor-sharp images, where flexibility and ease of use are the starting point, it has been decided to opt for the SPORTSVIEW system.

"SPORTSVIEW enables us to record matches in an excellent way and in excellent display quality," says Wijlaars. Wally Pennings, coordinator of youth training at FC Den Bosch, fully agrees: "With the SPORTSVIEW system we can give every youth team the attention it deserves."



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